In 2012, Sundial Co. Ltd developed the first manufacturing unit for ready prepared culture media for microbiology, locally, covering Cyprus needs in microbiology products. Our goal is to expand, by exporting high quality microbiology products from highly reputable dehydrated culture media manufacturers to the Balkan, Middle East and North Africa. Sundial’s effort is to minimise transportation costs, whereas to provide high quality products with maximum shelf life.  

This project is still innovative and pioneer since it is the first and only professional manufacturing unit of its kind in Cyprus. The production unit includes high quality pre-poured culture media for clinical samples, pharmaceutical industries, food labs and water treatment laboratories. The manufacturing process follows all necessary European standards according to EN ISO9001:2015, ΕΝ ISO 13485:2016 and CE for IVD products.

For products' specifications and certificate of analysis, please contact us.
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